Backlink Maker and Indexer: How Do They Work Together?

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Indexing your backlink works by making search engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks, thereby improving your website’s ranking results.  If you are currently in the SEO business, and indexer would be a great addition to a backlink maker for SEO companies or individuals who can provide it as an extra bonus to your clients at a very affordable rate. Indexers are an ideal link crawling and backlink maker solution that can be used by both beginner and professional webmasters, or just about anyone who owns and manages a website.

How Backlink Maker and Indexer Work Together


Your links are pinged. For faster and better indexing, your backlinks are pinged individually and repeatedly. Pinging your links after using a backlink maker automatically notifies search engines that your website has been updated and should be re crawled, thereby bringing in more exposure.

Create web content pages. Some indexing software own plenty of established websites where they create web content pages for your backlinks to be indexed and pinged. This means a web content page just for your backlink maker to work in, and more traffic to your website.

Your links are shortened. With Google’s Penguin algorithm, it has strengthened its policy against low-quality backlinks that prevent them from being identified. Indexers shorten the URLs that the backlink maker generates in real time so they become search engine-friendly, making your backlinks and track crawl visits become better.

Creates RSS feeds. Aside from web content pages, they also create and ping RSS feeds for their many established websites. Your backlink maker generates links that will be automatically indexed, and the webpage will be refreshed every time a new content with your backlinks is included.

Create site maps. Site maps are important when it comes to using backlink makers that lead to your website. Indexers create XML site maps that includes your backlinks and indexes them, allowing search engines to crawl your website efficiently.

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Why Use Indexers with Backlink Makers


Has integrated link-building software. If you are using other SEO tools to boost your website, you can easily integrate indexers with a backlink maker and other link-building tools. All you have to do is insert your API key and the programs will automatically send your backlinks to the indexers.

Automated mass backlink indexing. Most indexers are automated, which guarantees crawl rates and indexing rates at an affordable price. It is also faster than manually building and pinging RSS feeds, so you do not need to sit and hope for crawls because indexers will make sure that your website appears on top of search engines’ results page.

Professional and secure services. There are plenty of SEO tool packages that offer excellent service for a reasonable price. These programs are created by highly-skilled professionals that fully understand the operations of SEO. They use plenty of servers and proxies for pinging, leaving no trace of footprints or anything suspicious in your website.

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Best Indexers and Backlink Maker


Instant Link Indexer. All the techniques used in their service are guaranteed to follow Google’s guidelines, so their service is absolutely safe for your backlinks and sites. Instant Link Indexer can be used for indexing the pages of your new sites, not just backlinks, and can index up to 70% – 80% of all links submitted in a matter of minutes. It is also integrated with different link-building programs, so you can automatically send your links to be indexed anytime.

Jet SEO Backlink Maker.  Use this free online backlink maker tool to create many of free high-quality backlinks automatically for your website within a few minutes. Boost your SEO exposure within few minutes for free, which will automatically add your website to 100 different websites. All of the sites included in their list are high PR ranked websites to increase the popularity of your own website or blog.

Free SEO Indexer. Even though these created links are only dynamic generally (they are not observable to someone browsing that page), you’ll still benefit from this submission sort since your webpage will be observable in all sort of log files and databases that get checked as well by search engines. Free SEO Indexer can submit and ping your URL or domain at the exact same time when you submit it to be indexed. There are far more than 6000 domains where your site can be posted.

DupliChecker Backlink Maker. If you are looking for a tool to help you make free backlinks for your online services, feel free to use this tool. DupliCheck Backlink Maker works with indexers to generate reliable backlinks that allow you to get all the necessary traffic without any difficulty. However, keep in mind that the key to success for any website is the relevance of its backlinks. You can find a lot of auto backlink generator tools to create backlinks free but make sure that you have got all the links related to your blog or website.