Try One of These Online CAPTCHA Solver Services

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Do you want to boost your website’s ranking and link-building campaigns significantly? Are you tired of CAPTCHA solver services and software that are extremely slow and inaccurate? There are plenty of CAPTCHA solvers today that offer services which are of poor quality. Fortunately, we have listed four CAPTCHA solver services that will solve your link-building dilemmas in a snap. Try one of these online CAPTCHA solver services which we picked based on accuracy, ease of use, and affordability.



CaptchaTronix has been solving CAPTCHA for clients for at least 3 years now and is working with link-building software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, No Hands SEO, and Ultimate BookmarkR. However, they have a separate CAPTCHA solver in their website which lets you save 300% – 500% less on expenses because they do not charge per CAPTCHA solved.

Unlike other CAPTCHA solver websites that employ humans to decode and solve CAPTCHAs, CaptchaTronix is 100% automated; their unique, sophisticated, and state-of-the-art system was developed by their team of highly-skilled engineers. Their system is invulnerable to crashing and solves an unlimited number of CAPTCHAs for you without any restrictions.

CaptchaTronix also boosts your link-building prevents the loss of backlinks by CAPTCHA breaking services – these valuable backlinks are lost whenever a CAPTCHA solver is unable to decode a particular CAPTCHA. CaptchaTronix has over 2585 different CAPTCHA types and stores any CAPTCHA which they are unable to solve so it can be added to their database. Therefore, no backlinks are lost and your link-building campaigns are boosted.

Signing up for a CaptchaTronix account entitles you to the following services:

100% automated CAPTCHA solving

Unlimited CAPTCHA solving, not pay-per-CAPTCHA policy

over 2585 different CAPTCHA types

80% – 100% average solving success rate for most CAPTCHAs

60% – 70% reCAPTCHA solving success rate

Constant improvements & updates with new CAPTCHA types

Lightning-fast solving time – Current average of 0.77 seconds

Remote API Access, documentation & code samples

SEO link-building tools integration

Fantastic statistics & charts

Free lifetime 24/7 customer service & support



Since 2007, AntiCaptcha has been one of the leading CAPTCHA solver websites with the most affordable rate using a pay-per-CAPTCHA basis: a whopping 0.7 USD per 1000 images depending on your daily upload volume. The CAPTCHAs are solved purely by human workers, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and highly-reliable service.

AntiCaptcha CAPTCHA solver works in a very systematic and accurate process. First, you will have to upload a CAPTCHA to their server, which is extremely easy because they have an easy API integration, unlimited number of uploads, and high-speed request processing. After sending the CAPTCHA, they will assign a worker to solve your CAPTCHAs. As mentioned before, all of the CAPTCHAs are solved entirely by human workers (by signing up with AntiCaptcha, you are helping workers earn their income through CAPTCHA-solving rather than working in polluted industries). Their average solving time is 8.1 seconds and the workers are monitored to ensure accurate answers.

AntiCaptcha CAPTCHA solver also solves reCAPTCHA; all you have to do is send a site key value and they will give you a g-recaptcha-response, so you will simply submit a form with it. Their reCAPTCHA costs 2 USD per 1000 solutions – quite an affordable rate compared to other CAPTCHA solver websites.

Lastly, AntiCaptcha has browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox that require no human interaction and runs smoothly with iMacros.


Captcha Sniper.

Here is a CAPTCHA solver that solves CAPTCHA images for you and lets you add your own CAPTCHAs: Captcha Sniper. Of course, creating your own CAPTCHA is quite challenging, but Captcha Sniper has an easy-to-use interface that lets you upload some samples or provide CAPTCHA links so you can build and optimize your own algorithm for them to solve.

Captcha Sniper’s simple API integration intercepts calls made to some popular CAPTCHA solver websites such as Decaptcha, Death by Captcha, Bypass Captcha, Imagetyperz, and AntiCaptcha. The CAPTCHA is then solved and the text answer is returned to the calling software. There are over 1275 built-in CAPTCHA types in all kinds of popular platforms that are being solved, and more updates are being made weekly. Plus, Captcha Sniper has no downtime and is accessible 24/7 in your computer no matter what operating software it is running on. To use Captcha Sniper, simply launch the program and select the platform that your favorite internet marketing tool is posting to.

This CAPTCHA solver slashes your expenses because it is fast, accurate, and affordable – you are paying for a lifetime license, not on a monthly basis. It can also be integrated with world-class SEO software such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox, SEnuke, No Hands SEO, Ubot Studio, and iMacros.

Captcha Solutions.

One of the most convenient CAPTCHA solver in the market today, Captcha Solutions aim to solve CAPTCHA images for you accurately in a convenient, affordable way. They have a fast and reliable browser extensions and addons that they are constantly developing, so you can work using your preferred browser and websites with ease.

Captcha Solutions is partly automated and partly human-based online CAPTCHA solver API service that can solve about thousands of CAPTCHA types and challenges for any type of application. Their CAPTCHA solver system is one of the best solving solutions because of their Optical Character Recognition service platform. 90% of the solutions are decoded based on a computer programmed system and 10% is decoded by a human solving team. The system does not slow down your applications since Captcha Solutions was created to add value to the application’s output time. Its 24/7 working capacity can solve CAPTCHA images within 3 to 10 seconds and a rate of 99.9% accuracy.

To use Captcha Solutions, all you need to do is implement the API, upload the CAPTCHA images that you want to be solved, and the answer will be returned to you in text. They only charge 0.7 USD per 1000 CAPTCHA images solved – that is one of the best rates with the most accurate results today.