Catch-All Email Solutions Review – How to Manage Your Outreach Emails

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Outreach emails play an important role in building your brand and putting it out there because it is one of the most powerful tools to connect and communicate with companies, influencers, and individuals in your industry. The correct components of an outreach email will get you plenty of responses and build better relationships with the targeted people. In line with this, using the best email solution is crucial.

Catch-All Email Solutions boosts you’re your SEO link-building and social promotion campaigns through a simple but underrated aspect: enhancing your email content. We go through it every day, but we sometimes forget that emails play a big role in your submissions, publications, and articles. No matter how unique and well-written your articles are, or how polished your submission looks, if your email address looks like a spam, your chances of getting published drops down significantly. Catch-All Email Solutions specializes in increasing your success rates using your email.


What else has Catch-All got to offer? Here are some of its features that will help you boost your link-building campaigns in no time.


Custom-paid Domains. Free domains tend to get blacklisted, which is why Catch-All provides you custom-paid domains to raise your reputation and legitimacy. With over 46 domains to host your email at your disposal, you have plenty of options to choose from.

No Spam Protection. Another disadvantage of free email hosts is that they have spam filters and folders. Catch-All has no spam protection of any kind, so all emails go straight to your inbox instead of getting relegated to the dark hole in your inbox.

No Blacklisting. Using a specific email address heightens your chances of getting banned or blacklisted. However, by using a randomly-generated email address every time you send a message increases anonymity and lowers the chance of getting blacklisted.

Increased Legitimacy. Compared to a free email address, a custom-paid domain looks more legitimate and trustworthy. If you were a moderator assessing submissions between a free one and a custom-paid one, which would you choose? Most probably the custom-paid one, of course.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed. Catch-All Email Solutions is hosted on extremely powerful servers and fast internet speeds that are being monitored 24/7, ensuring you maximum uptime. This way, you are not wasting your time and resources.

Quick and Easy Setup. Boosting your link-building campaigns doesn’t need to be confusing. Creating a Catch-All email account is extremely easy, including the setup: all you have to do after signing up is to choose a domain and subdomain in your dashboard.


Catch-All Email Account Inclusions:

Aside from the features mentioned above, here are the inclusions of your Catch-All email account:

Manually Configurable Catch-All Email Addresses

1-Click Instant Setup & Access to Your Catch-All Email Addresses

Unlimited Email Addresses (Aliases) with each Catch-All Account

46 Custom Branded Domains to choose from and counting

300 MB Inbox space per Catch-All Account

Automatic Inbox Cleaning & Maintenance

1 Click Import to GSA SER

Boost Your GSA SER LpM & VpM Beyond the Sky!

Compatible with any SEO Tool, custom software, or bot

Lightning Fast & Reliable POP3 Access

Change/Swap Your Catch-All Account anytime You wish!

Random Email Address Generator

Detailed Setup & How-To Guides

Constant Improvements & Updates

Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service & Support


Catch-All Pricing and Plans

For as low as $6.97 monthly, you can sign up for Catch-All’s email solutions to boost your SEO link-building campaigns. They have an extremely flexible array of plans and pricing to suit your needs.

If you are doing a little link-building and do not need to receive plenty of emails every day, you can safely opt for the Starter Plan. If you are doing link-building 24/7 with 1 tool and not too much simultaneously running projects or campaigns, then the CA3 or CA5 is the perfect plan for you. If you are doing extensive link-building with many tools at once and simultaneously running plenty of projects or campaigns, the CA10 Plan is recommended for you.

You can upgrade or downgrade your account easily if your needs have changed or if you want more inclusions in your account.


When to Use Your Catch-All Email Account

Using a Catch-All email account provides anonymity: you may provide this email address to different websites upon signing up and easily block spam messages when needed. You can use the Catch-All domain multiple times at different email addresses while streamlining the important messages to enter your inbox. It is useful for your SEO, link-building, social promotion, web ranking, and promotional activities in order to protect your identity.  You can also use it whenever you are asked to provide a public email address when needed, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites without having to worry about spam. Lastly, it can be used for any kind of online or offline ad tracking. For example, you can place a different email address for vouchers, flyers, and newsletters that you publish to organize your emails better.


Tips on Managing Your Outreach Emails

Customize your email. Sending a pre-written email is alright if you are sending it to prospects in a similar niche, but sending a pre-written email to ALL your prospects is a bad idea. Not only is it very generalized, it is also impersonal. Remember that you are trying to get their trust and build a relationship here. Try to mention something good that you have noticed about your prospect’s website – they will be more responsive to your emails if they feel like you share the same vision as their campaign.

Create templates. Email templates will save you a lot of precious time while allowing your brand and message to be consistent. There are tools that let you see the response rate for each template so you can compare which one is much more efficient.

Be persistent. If at first your link-building campaign does not skyrocket, do not give up easily! This is the perfect time to show your prospects how dedicated and trustworthy you are, and they will most likely respond to your outreach emails.