DomainRanx Review – Evaluate Your Domain Metrics with This Incredible Tool

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Just like buying real estate properties, domains have corresponding values that dictate whether it lands on the search engine’s top results or not. Whether you are building, selling, or buying a website, using domain metrics will help you determine the value of web properties and the impact it can make to your business.

The goal of every website is to make it to the top results of a search engine’s page, and using a domain metrics tool will help you keep track of the possibilities that your website could land in the first page of a search engine’s result. Analyzing domain metrics correctly and using them strategically will help you bring organic traffic to your website. Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, and Moz are some of the most popular SEO tools with domain metrics that are being used today.


However, paying for these tools can be quite expensive, and you don’t really need exactly all of the data presented to you – just the ones that are also in your niche. Paying for the basic plans from the SEO tools mentioned above means money wasted if you don’t maximize all of its features.


DomainRanx gives you the same domain metrics analysis as most SEO tools, but you will only pay for what you really need. Basically, you will get the same data that you need to boost your website rankings at a very affordable price. Furthermore, you do not have to handle such big data which you have no use for because you will only get the metrics that are within your niche.


Here are more DomainRanx features that will help you get to the top of every search engine’s results page:


Combined Statistics. To provide you with more data, DomainRanx collates statistics from several different statistical sites. This way, you can check, compare, and analyze as many domain metrics as you want in just one go.

Easy Quality Evaluation. With all the important domain metrics from different statistical sites right in front of you, it is extremely easier to evaluate the quality of a domain.

Usage Statistics in Fantastic Charts. Your daily domain checking is tracked and interpreted in detailed statistics and charts, including the rest of your account’s activity history.

Lightning Fast Results. Get your statistics fast – submit a domain and get all quality metrics in just a few seconds. DomainRanx has an average response time of 0.42 seconds in the last 24 hours.

Remote API Access. You can use DomainRanx with other SEO software that you are currently using. Its easy-to-use API enables you to embed it into third party software and services.

Low Cost Fees. You don’t have to pay for unnecessary data that you have nothing to do with. Pay only for what you need and save a huge amount of money every month.


Pricing and Plans

DomainRanx provides a flexible array of plans for every type of need. For as low as $9.97 per month which comes with 5000 credits. Or you can get 500,000 credits per month and pay $117.77, letting you save as much as 82%. Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as you wish and pay only for the allocated difference between the two plans.

You may purchase a subscription through PayPal, their main payment processor , using your PayPal balance. You may also pay directly with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or E-check). Their backup payment processor is BlueSnap through which you can pay by any major brand credit cards.


Why DomainRanx Is Better Than Other Domain Metrics

One of their customers’ frequently asked question is “Why is DomainRanx so cheap? There must be a catch!”

This is because you are only paying for what you really need and excluding all the other irrelevant data. Unlike Moz, MajesticSEO, and Ahrefs, they are expensive because they provide tons of detailed data for each domain which could be irrelevant statistics to your website’s niche. You do not need all of this convoluted data, so you are basically paying big amount of money to get plenty of data that you don’t need, but only a few metrics. DomainRanx simply took out those few important metrics everybody cares about and provide them to you at absolutely low and affordable monthly fees.


What Customers Say About DomainRanx

DomainRanx has gained the trust and loyalty of plenty of customers from all over the world. Here is what they have to say about DomainRanx’s astounding services and affordable price.

Jerry has nothing else to say but praise and gratitude for this domain metrics service. “Finally, [an] easy and cheap way to get the most important domain rank metrics!  I absolutely love the service! I simply come and paste the domains I wish to check and I get all the data I need in just few seconds!”

Martin, a businessman from USA, loves DomainRanx since it saves him a lot of time. “My business is buying and selling domains and I do it all day everyday. Having a tool like DomainRanx definitely saves me tons of time by providing me easy and instant access to all the major rank metrics I need before I buy a domain! The price is absolutely absurd for the high quality of service provided!”

Stan, a customer from Germany, is also ecstatic about DomainRanx’s cheap and affordable monthly plans. “You guys are pretty damn correct that we are actually paying big money to get just the few domain metrics We need! I still use my Ahrefs and Moz accounts, however I save up on credits a lot! I am using mainly DomainRanx for domain evaluation, Ahrefs/Moz just for the more detailed data I need!”

You might also want to follow Albert’s footsteps and sign up for a DomainRanx account immediately. “I got really shocked when a buddy told me about DomainRanx, especially when he said “I am paying just $9.97 a month. I went home, signed up and since then I save over $160.00 every month using DomainRanx!”