Indexification Review – Index Your Backlinks Now!

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Backlinks are one of the major foundations of an effective SEO. Running a website is not an easy task, and one of the most important things you have to do is to index your backlinks to make sure that your website appears on the results page of a search engine.

A backlink is a link that goes straight to your website and helps provide organic traffic to your domain. Building hundreds to thousands of backlinks will get the job done, but it is completely useless if these backlinks are not indexed. Without indexing a backlink, it will not be recognized by the search engine, therefore lowering the chances of incoming website traffic. Even if you build a massive number of links on various pages, you have to index each and every one of them so your efforts will not be put to waste.


Indexification is a backlink indexer tool that effectively invites search engines to your website at a very affordable price. If you have only been purchasing backlinks without getting them indexed, or if you find indexing a very tedious and time-consuming job, then Indexification is the perfect indexing tool for you.


What Is Indexification?

Indexification is an ideal link crawling and indexing solution that can be used by both beginner and professional webmasters, or just about anyone who owns and manages a website. All you have to do is create an account to avail their services and have your pages and backlinks indexed. It works by forcing search engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks, thereby improving your website’s ranking results.  If you are currently in the SEO business, Indexification is a great addition to SEO and link-building companies or individuals who can provide it as an extra bonus to your clients at a very affordable rate.


Here are more reasons why Indexification is the most efficient backlink indexer:


Your links are shortened. Google has a policy against low-quality backlinks that prevent them from being identified. Indexification shortens your URLs in real time so they become search engine-friendly, making your backlinks and track crawl visits become better.

Your links are pinged. For faster and better indexing, your backlinks are pinged individually and repeatedly. Pinging your links automatically notifies search engines that your website has been updated and should be recrawled, thereby bringing in more exposure.

They create web content pages. Indexification owns plenty of established websites where they create web content pages for your backlinks to be indexed and pinged. Imagine a web content page just for you – that means more traffic to your website.

They create RSS feeds. Aside from web content pages, they also create and ping RSS feeds for their many established websites. Your backlinks are automatically indexed, and the webpage will be refreshed every time a new content with your backlinks is included.

They create site maps. Site maps are important when it comes to building backlinks that lead to your website. Indexification creates XML site maps that includes your backlinks and indexes them, allowing search engines to crawl your website efficiently.


Advantages of Using Indexification:

Automated Mass Backlink Indexing. Indexification boasts a 100% guaranteed crawl rate and an impressive indexing rate at an affordable price, beating all their other competitors. It is also completely automated, making it faster than manually building and pinging RSS feeds. You do not need to sit and hope for crawls, since Indexification will make sure that your website appears on top of search engines’ results page.

Professional and Secure Service. You might be thinking that there is a catch for an excellent service at such an affordable rate. Cast your worries away, since Indexification is composed of a team of highly-skilled professionals that fully understand the operations of SEO. They use plenty of servers and proxies for pinging, leaving no trace of footprints or anything suspicious in your website.

Has integrated link-building software. If you are using other SEO tools to boost your website, you can easily integrate Indexification with the following link-building pograms. All you have to do is insert your API key and the programs will automatically send your backlinks to Indexification.

These are the following link-building programs that can be integrated with Indexification:


GSA Search Engine Ranker

SEnuke XCr

No Hands SEO

Magic Submitter

Ultimate Demon

Backlink Monitor

AIO Wiki Poster

SE Demon

Article Kevo

Licorne AIO

Wiki Robot

Sweet Submitter

SB Bomber 2

301 Nuke

301 Redirector

Ultimate BookmarkR

Has integrated link-building services. Aside from the link-building software, Indexification can also be integrated with these link-building services so you can automatically pull and import your links from these services.

The following link-building services can be used with Indexification:

Backlinks Genie

Back Blasts


Link Pushing



Indexification Account Inclusions


Here are the services that you will get with an Indexification account:

Add Unlimited Campaigns and Unlimited URLs per Campaign

Add 1.5 Million Links a month = 50K Links daily

Auto Shorten and Rewrite Links using a 301 redirect

Schedule Links for up to 30 days ahead

100% Guaranteed Links Crawling Rate

High Links Indexing Rate

Realtime Live Crawl Tracking & Stats on All Your Links

100% Automation – Submit Your Links and Forget!

Full Remote API Access for even more Automation

3rd Party Linkbuilding Services Integration

Automated Link Checking & Reporting Dead Links

Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service & Support


Indexification Pricing and Plan


For as low as $17.97 per month, you can avail of Indexification’s backlink indexing services. That’s the best offer for an extremely excellent service. Furthermore, you can create a customized plan that suits your needs in case you want to add or reduce the default link limits and price.

You may subscribe to Indexification and pay your monthly fees using your PayPal account, since PayPal is their main payment processor. You may also pay directly with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit cards, and through e-checks. As an added backup payment processor, you may pay using any major credit card through Plimus or BlueSnap in case the abovementioned methods are not available to you.