14 Ways on How to Make Money on the Internet

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The Internet is a treasure trove of potential income that are waiting to be discovered – by YOU. Now, you don’t have to buy the Sunday paper and look for jobs with a very low possibility of actually getting hired. You can just go online and become a freelancer, and make money on the internet in just a few clicks and keystrokes.

If you have plenty of spare time and would like to make money on the Internet, this article is perfect for you. We have listed some of the most popular money-making jobs, albeit short-term and small-paying. It is definitely worth it because the only things you will invest in are a computer and a good internet connection.

To know what jobs you can do and how you can start to make money on the Internet, read our list below.

How to Make Money on the Internet


Answer online surveys. It is one of the most popular way for people to earn money just by sitting in their homes in front of their computers. You can make money by answering several questions in just about 10 – 25 minutes. Plenty of research companies are hiring people who can answer their surveys in their spare time for about $1 to $5 each depending on the length of the questionnaire.

Sell your preloved stuff on eBay. Is your closet bursting with clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t let your stuff gather dust in your home when it can still be perfectly usable. Sell your preloved things on eBay in a modest amount so you can free up space in your home while earning money.

Review websites and apps. Many websites and apps will pay you for reviewing their services. In just a few detailed and honest paragraphs, you can earn up to $10 from paid website reviews. Just be sure to include several helpful phrases to convince potential buyers and Internet users to visit or purchase the website or app that you will be reviewing.

Create a blog. This is quite difficult and entails time and dedication. However, once your blog is established and your traffic grows, it can generate hundreds up to thousands of dollars. The key is to make sure that your blog turns up in the top search results so that it can easily be visited. And for that to happen, your content must be original and of high quality. Read more about starting a blog successfully.

Sell handcrafted goods. Etsy is a website for artists and crafters where they sell their handicrafts. If you are have a knack for creating crafted goods which can be bought and given as gifts, then create a storefront in this website to get started on your entrepreneurial career. Your premium quality designs could even sell for hefty prices, and customers will surely come back for more.

Promote yourself on social media. Whether you are a math whiz with a good head for numbers, are good at playing the piano since you were 6, or have a flair at putting on makeup and beautifying yourself, it’s time to put good use of your skills and make money from it. Promote your talents and skills in your social media accounts. This is a more efficient means of advertisement since its free and you know most of the people in your friends list, so they are more likely to hire you.

Be an Uber Driver. Got a driver’s license, a smartphone, and an impeccable sense of direction? Become an Uber driver and earn money by driving people to places. Alternatively, you can be a delivery rider through Uber Eats by delivering food from restaurants to homes and earn up to $15 per hour.

Write and publish an eBook on Kindle. Get your creative juices flowing and your researching skills in tip-top shape by writing non-fiction eBooks and selling them on Kindle. To make sure that your eBook becomes a bestseller in no time, make sure that you have thoroughly checked your grammar, your content is unique and original, and you have properly cited works from other authors – absolutely no plagiarism.

Sell your photos. If you are a budding photographer, don’t let your shots just sit in your computer folders, completely remaining undiscovered and unused. Sell your high-quality artsy photos through Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. Licensing your photos will also help you earn money every time it is used – just post your photo and collect the payments.

Create and sell online courses. Put those years of academic lessons to good use and create online courses that you can sell on Udemy. You can create courses about any topic in this website – there’s no limit on the things that you want to teach others.

Write articles for websites. Again, if you are a creative person with strong researching skills, you can write articles for websites and blogs. If you are a freelancer, this will not pay much and you won’t get a byline (you will be a ghostwriter, which means that your work will be published under the website’s name) but it is a great job for people looking to earn money.

Become a babysitter or nanny. If you have excellent babysitting and nannying skills, then list yourself at Care.com – a directory for experienced nannies and babysitters. You will have better chances of getting hired, plus you can choose your clients once you start to build experience and gain the trust of the customers.

Place ads on your blog. Another way to make money on your blog is to use Google AdSense, an advertising platform on Google’s Blogger. Or you can place codes in your blog so advertisements will be enabled. The only downside with this is that you can’t control the type of ads that will be put up on your blog.

Sell your lecture notes. Believe it or not, there are people who will actually pay for your lecture notes in class (unlike that annoying classmate who never writes notes and just borrows yours). NoteSale and Stuvia will list your notes for potential buyers, but you have to type them up first or convert it to PDF.