Mighty Content Locker Review – How to Make Money with Content Locking

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CPA, or cost per action, has become one of the easiest ways to earn money through your website without exerting too much effort; you can make money even while you are not doing anything, and earn even more money by getting your website up and running. This is called content locking, and with just a few investments, you can generate a huge amount of money.

To make content locking work, you will have to create a predetermined action which will be paid when a visitor achieves it. For example, before your visitor can continue reading your article, they will be prompted to sign up for a newsletter by entering their email address. You will be paid every time a visitor agrees to sign up for a newsletter.

Mighty Content Locker is a content locking software that enables your website to be content locked, thereby allowing you to earn money all day, every day – even while you’re just at home sleeping. It’s a simple but powerful tool that some webmasters tend to overlook, but in reality, content locking can generate a huge revenue for you and your website, and Mighty Content Locker makes this possible in an extremely easy way.

To know more about how Mighty Content Locker can help you boost your earnings, here are some of the features of this content locking software:

Unique Lockers. You can customize the settings and design of your content lockers and decide how each one should look. The layout is pure HTML and CSS-based which you can configure in the advanced settings.

Themes Variety. There are also custom themes available, or you can create your own if you want to ramp up your content lockers’ designs. Plenty of designs are available to make your lockers unique and appealing.

Unlimited Lockers. You will only need to install a script once to be able to operate an unlimited amount of content lockers in your websites. All you have to do is paste a JavaScript code and your website will automatically have content lockers.

Offers Database. To organize the offers that will you receive for CPA content lockers, Mighty Content Locker has a feature for arranging your database into an easy-to-scan list. It will automatically read and display new incoming offers, add single offers, or bulk import plenty of offers all at once.

Geotargeting. Mighty Content Locker has an embedded an automatic geo detector that locates the geolocation of your visitor and displays all available offers in that country. It is also backed with an automatic geo database, making your content locking more appealing and effective to your visitors.

Referrer Blanking. To hide where your traffic is coming from, Mighty Content Locker has an embedded Automatic HTTP Referrer Blanking. This hides the location and address of your website so your visitors won’t know where the traffic is coming from, making you completely anonymous.

Offers Booster. If you want specific offers to be given more attention, Mighty Content Locker has an Offers Booster feature that will instantly boost any specific offer which will automatically appear on top of all your content lockers.

Postback Option. If you want a guaranteed revenue, you can decide if a content locker can only be unlocked once it is completely verified. Mighty Content Locker can receive postback notifications from CPA networks, confirming the offer completion. This guarantees you a payment for each content locker.

Friendly Interface. Whether you are a beginner at creating and building websites or already a pro webmaster, Mighty Content Locker will not be difficult for you to utilize since it has a user-friendly but powerful interface. It’s the perfect software for anyone who wants to make money through content locking.

Stats Tracking. To track your content locker activities, Mighty Content Locker provides detailed traffic statistics regarding locker impressions, offer clicks, offer completions, countries, websites, and many more. You will know what content lockers and websites are performing well and what aren’t, helping you find ways to improve your campaigns.

100% Automation. Mighty Content Locker is completely automated so you do not have to do anything at all. It pulls and rotates offers from the database, deactivates expiring offers, and maintains itself – leaving you with more time to do other things.

Easy Installation. All it takes is 2 minutes to install Mighty Content Locker. You will only have to upload the script to your web server and fill up a form with your details, and you’re good to go.


Mighty Content Locker Inclusions


Aside from the abovementioned features, you will also avail of the following once you install their software:

WordPress Plugin

Locker Rotator

Advanced Offers Rotation

Phantom Mode


Conversion Caps


Software Purchase Agreements

Before purchasing Mighty Content Locker, here are terms that you have to agree upon getting your copy of the software:

By ordering, you will only $97 and will receive a full-featured copy of Mighty Content Locker. You will also be entitled to all future updates and unlimited customer support.

In case you get confused on how to get the script going, you will receive free installation and setup.

Make sure that your web server will meet the following requirements for installing and operating Mighty Content Locker:

PHP 5.3.X or higher

MySQL 5.X or higher

PHP Ioncube Loaders v4.0 or higher

PHP Curl Extension

PHP XML Extension

PHP Json Extension

PHP ZLib Extension

PHP OpenSSL Extension

You can test your server compatibility using a script found in Mighty Content Locker website.

By purchasing Mighty Content Locker software, you are allowed to install it on one domain only. However, the software is a multidomain one, and with one install only, you can operate unlimited Content Lockers no matter where they are located.

After your order is confirmed, you will be able to download your copy of Mighty Content Locker immediately within 10 minutes after your purchase. You can make a secure online purchase instantly with your credit card through Mighty Content Locker authorized retailers or online money transfer companies listed in their website.

You can get all of your money back guaranteed by their 30 days 100% money-back guarantee (which is highly doubted, since their services are purely excellent).