Why You Should Use Money Robot Submitter for Link Building

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Making your website’s link profile grow is extremely important in grabbing the attention and gaining traffic from search engines. This is why link building is a critical task that you should focus on if you want your website’s traffic to skyrocket. Aside from creating original, reliable, and engaging content to make your customers love your brand, you still have to do the dirty work in order to expand your customers. Money Robot Submitter is one of the best link building software that you can use for this.

Money Robot


With an impressive reputation, Money Robot Submitter is used by businesses whose websites are from varying niches, such as fashion, pets, or food, with the intent of gaining the top search engine results; SEO companies that use an advanced tool to significantly increase their client’s website rankings; news companies which use the software to distribute and publish content to a large number of websites quickly on a daily basis; and corporations which utilize the software for managing their blogs, press releases, and other search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Compared to other SEO tools that are out in the market today, what keeps its loyal clients satisfied with its services are the unique and efficient features that will truly help increase your website’s traffic and search ranking. Below are the said features that make Money Robot Submitter one of the most preferred software when it comes to search engine optimization:

Money Robot

SEO and Link Building. Normally, SEO is a tedious work which includes manually submitting sites to search engine directories, emailing links to bloggers, and keeping track of the payment for listings. However, with this link building software, all the tasks involving SEO will become automated. This means that building numerous links will become faster, increasing the traffic to your website and upping your sales and customer population.

Smart Submission Process. You literally don’t have to do anything to activate the account creation process because everything is fully automated – no human intervention is required. From submitting contents to crawling for new website listings, they have got you covered.

High-Speed Submission. Think of using Money Robot Submitter as being the same as having a hundred employees working simultaneously for your website ranking. That is how fast the submission is, if not more.

Automatically Search Web Directories. Gone are the days when you have to search and scrape every single website just to submit your contents. This software has massive server resources that are constantly looking for websites that can provide quality backlinks to your site, so submitting your content will be extremely easy.

Artificial Intelligence. You don’t have to worry about robot-detecting mechanisms (such as CAPTCHA) because Money Robot Submitter can simulate real human activity on Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox like a pro.

Check Live Backlinks. With its Backlink Monitor feature, you can manage and track all of your live backlinks, anchor texts, and other backlink-related information with an astonishing speed of up to 500 threads per second.

Article Spinning and Rewriting. Although nothing beats an originally written content, a single article can become a hundred different versions with this software’s article spinning and rewriting feature. You will no longer have to worry about duplicated content from other websites because your articles will automatically be rewritten and spun.

Automatic Site List Update. Money Robot Submitter’s crawling servers are constantly looking for new websites so you will not have to search and scrape for lists of websites. A fresh and updated website list will be given to you every day where your content can be automatically submitted.

Readily Available Customer Support. In case you will be having problems regarding the software, or you simply have queries that you want answered, their customer support is readily available to help you with whatever you need. You can reach them through live chat (through their website, Skype, or Yahoo Messenger), email ticketing system, and their forum and discussion boards.

Automatic CAPTCHA Solving. As mentioned before, you do not have to worry about robot-detection mechanisms, particularly CAPTCHAs, since Money Robot Submitter can solve simple CAPTCHAS: photos, text, and calculation CAPTCHAs. And don’t fret about the complex CAPTCHAs since the software will offer to help you with major CAPTCHA-solving services.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee. To ensure that you are fully satisfied with your whole link building experience with Money Robot Submitter, they have a 7–day trial plus 7-day money back guarantee, where your money will be refunded in case you change your mind.

Safe Payment Method. All payment transactions are handled through PayPal, and all major credit cards are accepted (but credit cards are not necessarily required). Plus, they offer a competitive price for their monthly subscription, which is at $67 per month. Their one-time fee for the lifetime software license is at $497.

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