SEO Specialist: What Are the Most In-Demand SEO Jobs?

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Correct search engine optimization (SEO) is needed for businesses with websites to make sure that they obtain optimum page ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Appearing on top of search results also increases website traffic, which means more new and recurring customers. An SEO specialist optimizes websites for search engines to bring in traffic and boost page rank; through analysis, review, and improvisation. It is one of the most in-demand SEO jobs in today’s modern world.


An SEO Specialist will analyze websites for improvements, have an in-depth knowledge of keyword research, understand SEO copywriting and serve a liaison between various departments, and must have the ability to generate and develop relevant and engaging content, which has a high value to search engines. SEO specialists are tasked to research in the keywords and phrases that will increase traffic to the site.


According to Upwork, there are different backgrounds and skills for each SEO specialist that make them very versatile among other SEO jobs. Some have backgrounds on programming and focus more on technical optimization. Others are more inclined on graphic design, and others have excellent writing skills, while there are some that excel in marketing and advertising. The most important thing is that they know how search engines work and how to use their skills to bring traffic.


SEO Specialist Skills


These are the following skill set of most SEO specialists according to Workable, all of which are deemed necessary for them to be successful in their SEO jobs:


Extensive and comprehensive keyword research

Programming in CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and Perl

Studying traffic and analytics

Creating effective ranking strategies

Split-testing similar pages

Working with writers and designers

Building natural backlinks

Analyzing the client’s competitors

Maximizing local search exposure

Developing strong calls to action

Expertise with WordPress or Joomla

Researching the latest SEO practices


Plenty of people think that one of the most challenging SEO jobs is an SEO specialist, and that is somewhat true, because search engine rankings have myriads of factors that can affect a website’s ranking. SEO specialists must have an expertise in Google Analytics and Moz’s Open Site Explorer to be able to recognize problems and focus on ranking. Knowledge on the latest search engine updates of ranking algorithms are also required for them to be successful in these SEO jobs.


SEO Specialist Tasks


These are the following tasks that SEO specialists must achieve in their daily SEO jobs according to Upwork:


Ensure the quality of the content and how customers interact with it

Research on the important keywords needed for a client’s website

Fix page errors and loading time problems

Guarantee the amount and quality of backlinks that direct to the client’s website

Look for potential SEO violations that could receive a penalty

Work on metrics such as domain authority, page authority



The SEO specialist should always prioritize the wants and needs of the client, and the result of the project. The SEO specialist must achieve strong search engine placement and increased organic traffic; the website itself should also be optimized according to page speed, the site’s navigational structure, and any errors that could be hindering the site’s overall success. Addressing these issues first will allow better results upon adding new, high-quality content.


After the website is built and there are no more problems, another SEO jobs for the SEO specialist is to focus on the consumers. To be able to understand the needs of the consumer, the SEO specialist must think like the consumer. Questions such as ‘What do consumers search for with this kind of business?’ ‘What information would help them purchase or make a decision?’ ‘What will make them come back and become regular customers?’ These will help the specialist determine the kind of content that the website needs.