Serp Explorer Review – The Most Accurate Rank Tracker

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Owning and running a website does not end with posting your content, indexing your backlinks, and checking domain rankings; it also entails the work of tracking your search engine ranking. One of your jobs as a webmaster is to make sure that your website is ranking high in search engine results for the keywords that you are targeting. Not knowing your ranking is like working in the dark – how will you know if your website is being successful? How will you know which areas you should improve? The answer is to use rank tracking tools.


Serp Explorer is a search engine rank tracker that lets you monitor the ranking of your website using “state-of-the-art complex, sophisticated and intelligent technology”. With this web service, you will know your exact ranks and positions any time. Knowing your rank is important in getting ahead of the competition, and Serp Explorer has excellent service in doing this.


Serp Explorer has plenty of unique and helpful features that will truly help you track your website’s ranking, which are the following:


Search Engines Rank Tracking. Serp Explorer uses smart algorithms to track your websites among popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo!

 Rank Tracking. Additionally, Serp Explorer also keeps track of your YouTube video rankings using the similar smart algorithms in search engines. This way, you’ll know the exact status of your videos in your YouTube channel.

Highly Accurate Results. To obtain your exact your exact ranking among search engines with the highest accuracy possible, it utilizes advanced and smart rank-checking algorithms. Serp Explorer is one of the most reliable rank trackers.

User-Friendly Interface. You don’t have to worry about being a technology pro, since Serp Explorer has a modern, clean, and intuitive interface which is also powerful, advanced, and feature-rich at the same time.

Advanced Reporting. All of the statistics and rank reports are presented in a highly-detailed yet easy to understand data, making sure that you know exactly where your websites stand.

Fantastic Rank Charts. To monitor and visualize your search engine ranks better, Serp Explorer also uses state-of-the-art charts that track the historic change in position of your websites with absolute ease.

Awesome White Label Reports. If you want to keep copies of your reports, Serp Explorer has white label reports in PDF files and Excel spreadsheets that you can export and access from your computer anytime.

Share Your Ranks. Just like a community board or web forum, Serp Explorer lets you share any of your data with your SEO customers, fellow webmasters, and anyone that you wish.

Notifications. You can configure your email notification settings to be able to receive real time alerts on recent changes regarding your search engine rank positions, so you are always informed about your website’s position.

Automatic Updates. Manual rank updates are a thing of the past, since Serp Explorer can be configured to Autopilot setting so it will automatically update your rankings, leaving you with more time to spend on other tasks.

Website & Keyword Grouping. Serp Explorer lets you arrange your websites and keywords into groups so you can easily look through them, avoiding the hassle of an unorganized file database.

Remote API Access. Webmasters and other SEO users who are knowledgeable in programming can make use of the remote API access provided by Serp Explorer to control every aspect of your account.

Constant Improvements. The Serp Explorer team is always continuing to improve their services so you can enjoy accurate search engine rank tracking with unique features, but still at the same, affordable price.

Excellent Customer Support. Serp Explorer boasts its world-class customer support which responds to 90% of all queries in less than an hour. You may also visit their web page for frequently asked questions for faster and manageable questions.


Serp Explorer Plan Inclusions

By signing up for an account, you will get the following inclusions for your search engine rank tracking:

Daily Google Updates

Daily Bing Updates

Daily Yahoo! Updates

Daily Alexa Updates

Daily Yandex Updates

Daily YouTube Updates

Daily Google Page Rank

Daily Backlinks Updates

Unlimited Groups

Unlimited Notifications

Unlimited PDF and Excel Reports

Shared View Link Reports

Historic Charts and Trendlines

Unlimited API Access

24 Hours Free Support


Serp Explorer Pricing and Plan

These are the following plans that you can subscribe to with Serp Explorer:

Trial: Free for 1 week. 5 slots.

Starter: $4.77 per month. 10 slots.

Basic: $13.97 per month. 50 slots.

Standard: $23.77 per month. 100 slots.

Premium: $34.77 per month. 200 slots.

Professional: $63.77 per month. 500 slots.

Ultimate: $94.77 per month. 1000 slots.

Custom: Price depends on your chosen inclusions.

1 slot represents 1 keyword or domain that you can add to the system for you to track. The great thing about their plan is that you can upgrade or downgrade it according to your needs.