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CAPTCHA is an automated test that sets apart humans from machines such as computers. Ordinarily, CAPTCHA are images that contain texts that allow you to type a stream of letters to help verify that you are not a robot but rather a human being. CAPTCHA sniper is incredible software that uses advanced techniques and sophisticated algorithms based on the type of tasks that it is presented with. Here is a Captcha sniper review:


The software automatically updates itself to keep up with the challenges and new developments. The updates are done quite often to add hundreds of new captchas that will be solved. Sniper currently supports over 400 types and has an option that supports a program that solves captchas their location notwithstanding. Another significant feature of sniper is that it allows you to add your own captchas by instructing them on how you want it to solve the captchas.

It also has a tool known as the Captcha Destruction Kit (CDK) that gives you an opportunity to apply custom filters to help the software read the images presented to it. Once the solutions have been created, you can be able to upload a bunch of images to allow you test their accuracy. Different types of captchas can be solved using the sniper since it supports 1000 screenshots or more. The developer is currently creating a cloud-based system that allows users to share and download new problems that are not in the default program.

The other important feature of sniper is that it is compatible with different software that utilizes captcha-solution services. In addition, a once-off solution is quick to implement because it uses emulation services.

The software allows you to upload captchas and allows you to solve the captchas manually with the help of humans. These services come at a fraction of the cost, usually between $1.10-2.50 for about 1000 solutions. There are other captcha solving software that helps to solve captchas. However, sniper beats the rest of the software solutions because of its amazing features.

The only downside of sniper is that the software does not solve the most common captcha currently in use by authority websites today. This challenge is called the ReCaptcha (created by Google). It is also hard for humans to read. However, the software can solve it with an accuracy rate of 10 percent. You can send some of these captchas to other services for solutions to be delivered in just a few seconds at a fraction of the cost. The Captcha Sniper solves a huge chunk of image challenges on internet platforms. If you are trying to create a lot of links, or simply need to solve hundreds of thousands of captchas, the Captcha Sniper can save you money.

This software is a one-time cost that will save you a lot of money since it allows you to solve a vast majority of captchas and only a few left to be solved manually. What’s more, the software developer provides incredible customer support, so you don’t have to worry about getting the help when you need it most. Most users of this software say they have gotten most of their issues resolved within a few hours.

Captcha Sniper has the capacity to intercept calls made to other commonly used captcha solution services, including Death By Captcha, AntiCaptcha, Decaptcha and ByPass Captcha. It solves the captcha and returns a solution in form a text to you. It also includes a command line interface.

Captcha Sniper is a one-time purchase and does not involve monthly subscriptions. So it means you spend once and enjoy the service for a lifetime. The cost also includes free lifetime updates. Perhaps the only downside about this auto captcha could be that the license is for a single PC. The Captcha Sniper has been tested and proven to be compatible with most operating systems, including Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

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