Text Captcha Solver Review – Best CAPTCHA Solving Service

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Creating an email account, commenting on a blog post, and posting something on a community board all have one thing in common: they require you to retype the distorted letters and numbers before you can proceed. Have you ever wondered what those symbols are and why you are required to type them in a box?

Those distorted, sometimes partially obscured letters are called CAPTCHA. It is a user identification feature that aims to protect websites and applications against computer bots by generating tests that only humans can pass. CAPTCHA stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart’ – humans can read and retype the distorted symbols on the image while computers cannot.


What Does A CAPTCHA Do?


Protects website registration. CAPTCHAs are used to ensure that only humans can create free email accounts. Free services are now protected with a CAPTCHA to prevent automated script abuse.

Prevents comment-spamming in blogs and online forums. CAPTCHAs prevent spam comments in blog posts and forums by enabling a CAPTCHA before a user can post something. As a result, only humans can post a comment, and spam comments are avoided.

Hides your email address from Web scrapers. You can use a CAPTCHA before showing your email address to make sure that only humans can obtain it and hide it from Web scrapers.

Ensures accurate online poll results. A CAPTCHA can solve this problem by asking voters to enter the letters and symbols before they can cast their vote to ensure that only one vote per computer is casted.


Text Captcha Solver Features


Advanced CAPTCHA Solving System. There are various software and services for solving image CAPTCHAs, but only a few reliable ones in the market when it comes to text CAPTCHA solving. Fortunately, Text Captcha Solver specializes in providing robust and highly accurate text captcha solving through the use of a sophisticated system that they developed consisting of state-of-the-art software backed up with artificial intelligence and tremendously big databases. Text Captcha Solver has been proven to have high success rates and guaranteed text CAPTCHA solving among many other services.

Prevents Loss of Backlinks. If your link-building tool is unable to solve a CAPTCHA and submit it, you are losing extremely important backlinks that could be of good use to your website. However, Text Captcha Solver can increase your backlinks up to 25% by taking advanatage of sites using text based CAPTCHAs from any submit list.

Creates Backlinks on New Websites. Text Captcha Solver lets you create backlinks on brand new and unspammed websites because they use text based captchas which most SEO users skip most of the time. Through this, you will achieve better ranking since you are doing link-building on higher quality and less spammed websites.

Completely Automated CAPTCHA Solving. Text Captcha Solver is an automated service, and their team is constantly improving their system’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence by training it to solve more and more text-based CAPTCHAs.

Solves Any CAPTCHA Type. Whatever type of CAPTCHA it is, Text Captcha Solver can solve it, specifically mathematical questions with a 99% success rate; CAPTCHAs from TextCaptcha.com (the most widely used text based captcha provider) with a 97% success rate,; and general questions with a 70% – 80% success rate.

Professional Customer Service. They also have one of the best customer service among other services in the industry. They record every single question sent to their service, and their team of reviewers go through the collection and manually fill correct answer in their query database, ensuring better results.


Text Captcha Solver Inclusions


By subscribing to this text CAPTCHA solving service, you are entitled to the following account inclusions:

100% Automated Text Captcha Solving

99% Success Rate on Mathematical Equations

97% Success Rate on the most widely used text captcha provider TextCaptcha.com

70%-80% Success Rate on General Text Questions

Constant Improvements & Updates

Lightning Fast Solving Times – current average 0.11 sec.

Easy Remote API Access, Documentation & Code Samples

SEO Link-building Tools Integration

Fantastic Statistics & Charts

Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service & Support


Text Captcha Solver Pricing and Plans


These are the following plans for Text Captcha Solver, and you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time you wish directly through their website.

Starter: $9.97 per month. 5000 solves daily.

Standard: $14.97 per month. 10,000 solves daily.

Premium: $$19.97 per month. 20,000 solves daily.

Professional: $27.77 per month. 35,000 solves daily.

Enterprise: $35.77 per month. 50,000 solves daily.

Platinum: $42.97 per month. 75,000 solves daily.

Ultimate: $69.77 per month. 100,000 solves daily.

Agency: $132.77 per month. 200,000 solves daily.