Top 5 WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins Reviewed: Find the Perfect Plugin to Stop Spam on Your WordPress Blog

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A CAPTCHA is often a small program designed to ensure that an online site’s service is utilised by humans, not bots. Almost every users has probably already seen and solved many CAPTCHAs much like the ones depicted below where [1] displays the first generation CAPTCHA and [2] shows an ‘unbreakable’ CAPTCHA of 2009.

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In order to activate this component, you should create an account on recaptcha dot net (You can use your Google account to login). Once you build a re captcha account, you can add as numerous domains into it as you wish. For each domain, re captcha generates a public and private key. You will need both these to configure the re captcha in AlphaRegistration.

4) The uses SEO principles like many online entities. It should be very important to any or all of which that “Negative SEO” now definitely seems to be possible! The news that Negative SEO is offered was reported by Jennifer Slegg of Search Engine Watch, Monday, June 3, 2013. The possibly revised Google Webmaster Tools answer/s on the subject implies that webmasters among others could be engaging in “SEO wars”. Further speculation often leads someone to guess that legal battles will begin to clog the courts on this high-value asset and topic.