Promote Your Business with BotmasterLabs’ XRumer Software

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Running a website is not an easy task – it takes time, money, and energy to boost its search engine rankings and draw new customers every day. One of the very tedious tasks include posting links and ads in forums and social networks, and this can be really difficult to do when you have to reach your targeted number of visitors per day while doing other things. Needless to say, it can take up a huge chunk of your time that you would otherwise allocate to other important tasks.

Fortunately, there is a software that can be an extremely useful tool for businesspeople like you. XRumer, a search engine optimization (SEO) program created by BotmasterLabs, is one of the best programs today when it comes to registering and posting links on forums. It does all of your work for you efficiently in a small amount of time and in a very affordable rate.

The best thing about XRumer (as with almost all SEO software) is its ability to bypass security techniques that are commonly employed by many blogs to avoid automated spam, such as CAPTCHAs. That being said, you do not have to worry about being IP-blocked because of spamming since it is can defeat all kinds of  CAPTCHAs in a blink of an eye.

Here are more reasons why you should definitely use XRumer to help you promote your online business effortlessly:


Multi-functional Promotional Tool. It is amazing how one software can do multiple things at once, and that is why XRumer is the perfect SEO tool for promoting your business. Within a very short span of time, your links and ads are posted in more than 400,000 resources, which includes web guest books, forums, discussion boards, link directories, and social networks.

Automatically Bypass Graphical CAPTCHA. This software is able to automatically bypass more than 500 types of popular graphic CAPTCHAs, such as those in vBulletin, reCAPTCHA, VKontakte, DLE CAPTCHA, and Facebook CAPTCHAs.

Automatically Bypass Textual CAPTCHA. Aside from graphical CAPTCHAs, XRumer can also bypass textual CAPTCHAs, and any arithmetic questions are automatically calculated. It can answer questions such as “What is the capital of Japan?” and “5 = 5 = ?”. This program contains more than 170, 000 answers to graphical CAPTCHAs, plus they update their answer database monthly to make sure any question will be answered accurately.

Free Usage of SocPlugin.  Soc Plugin comes free with XRumer, which works with four popular social networks, namely Facebook, VKontakte, Mamba, and Odnoklassniki. It can send invites, comments, and messages on multiple accounts; fully decode CAPTCHAs without the use of external services; and automatically support dialogues according to setup scheme.

High-technology Posting System. This software utilizes high-technology posting systems, such as the Antispam, a thematic posting system where each forum message is sent in accordance with the forum’s theme in any language and region around the world. There are a lot more posting systems that XRumer employs, which makes it an extremely smart and socially-useful submitting software compared to others.

Profitable Investment and Tool. Promoting your business online can be quite expensive, especially if you are paying for publicity and reviews from bloggers and website administrators. With the ultimate software package containing XRumer, SocPlugin, and Hrefer, you are only paying $10 per month while getting the targeted number of visitors on your website. That is a hefty amount of savings on your part, not just financially, but with your time and energy as well.


Choosing Your XRumer Package

There are three different packages that will suit every type of user and their needs: Lite, Standard, and Business. Each package has its own inclusions and price plans which are listed below accordingly.


$100 + Subscription Fee ($10 per month)

Hrefer (Search engine parser)

Allowed to run 1 copy simultaneously

Online support included



$240 + Subscription Fee ($10 per month)

Hrefer (Search engine parser)

SocPlugin (Works with Facebook, VKontakte, Mamba, and Odnoklassniki)

BlogPlugin (Works with most popular blog platforms)

Allowed to run 2 copies simultaneously

Online support included



$400 + Subscription Fee ($10 per month)

Hrefer (Search engine parser)

SocPlugin (Works with Facebook, VKontakte, Mamba, and Odnoklassniki)

BlogPlugin (Works with most popular blog platforms)

Allowed to run 5 copies simultaneously

Online support included

How to Purchase XRumer

To purchase the software, you have to register an account on their website. Follow the instructions on purchasing XRumer, then contact their sales manager with your preferred payment method from the options that are provided. All packages include XRumer, SocPlugin, and Hrefer, and are payable through PayPal, Webmoney, Alipay, MoneyGram, and Western Union.

Minimal System Requirements

Once you have purchased XRumer, installing it is extremely easy as long as you have the following system requirements to get the software up and running.

Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win 8, 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)

CPU 2 GHz, RAM from 2 GB

High-speed internet connections without traffic restrictions are recommended